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About our Job

Hello, we’re “translators in the countryside”.

I’m Fumiko from Hiroshima, Japan and my partner is David from Cornwall UK.


We’re living in Japan and doing subtitle translators for a living.

Our specialty is traveling, food-related, Animal-related, and lifestyle.


Why Japanese subtitles?

Entertaining YouTube channel is trending in Japan in general and people are always seeking new channels translated in Japanese.

(We Japanese are famous for NOT being good at using English but despite that, we love watching English language channels.)

 We think the balance of supply and demand in the English-Japanese market is not good enough.

[About us]

Working as freelance subtitle translators in Japan.

(English = Japanese)
Our subtitled YouTube video is over 105 and still increasing numbers.

Representative video:
(YouTuber Kenta-san, 268k Subscribers)

Our specialty topic is Bike travelling, outdoor activities, food, and animal-related, entertaining, and countryside lifestyle.

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