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Hello, We're Japanese/English translaters living in Japan.

I'm Ms. FD, comic lover Japanese and My husband Mr. DF dog lover British (English) .

Mainly we translate YouTube channels such as Roadbike, travel, food and culture.

The price is about 130 USD for one video less than 20 mins. (From English to Japanese)

It should be very generous offer considering other company's quote.

Well...there is very simple reason that I can tell you.

We're working as a translater by freelance and not belonging any translation company.

Just give us your message if you're considering to make Japanese/English subtitle to your videos.

You can order from one video.

Also we do comic translation, too.

Notebook and Pen
Writing by the Water
Taking Notes
A Woman Writing by the Window
A Young Man Writing
A Woman Writing at Home
A Young Man with a Notebook
A Woman Sitting in a Coffee Shop and Wri
A Young Woman Writing
Woman Writing
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