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Three Japanese YouTube channels I would like to introduce

Kenta san (Some of videos have English sustitles (not CC)/ increasing day by day)

He is a top bike Youtuber in Japan.

He travels all over Japan frequently.

His travel channel contains Bike information, Food, Sightseeing spot, casual chat and superb view in Japan.(mostly not typical "guide-book" view for tourists.)

Tom's cycling (no English subtitle)

This channel runs by TOMI and YOPI (They're husband and wife).

Unfortunately they don't have English subtitles on their videos but I think you can still enjoy their video without subtitles.

runtime[car camping] (Some of videos have English subtitles (not Auto))

He mainly posts videos on the theme of "staying in a car," which has many core fans.

Although the place is limited and small, it is an interesting glimpse into Japanese life.


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